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Rc Car Tool Kit

This Rc Car tool kit is designed to help you fix metal screws on your 114 Rc car, the kit includes a box repair tool, a screwdriver, and a possibly related app. It also includes a repair booklet, information about repair, and a video tutorial.

Tool Kit For Rc Cars

This tool kit includes: a metal screwdriver, a screwdriver with a nuts and bolts head, a tool for repair to Rc cars metal hardware, a box to store the tool, and a kit for sale, this hobby tool kit includes the following items: -hexdriver screwdriver tool -8 in1 hexagon driver screwdriver tool -8 in1 triple hex driver screwdriver tool -8 in1 washer driver screwdriver tool -8 in1 hex buffer tool -8 in1 spring drive tool -8 in1 electric drive tool these tools are excellent for working with Rc helicopters, drone boats, and cars that are in other vehicles. The tool can help get the right screws into the right positions, while the 8 in1 hexagon driver screwdriver tool can get lost screws back into place, and the 8 in1 spring drive tool can help with getting the Car back on the road after being toppled over, the Rc tools set hexagon screwdriver is a top set of tools for repairing drones in a Rc car. The tools include a hexagon screwdriver, a hex wrench, a clip, and a first aid kit, the set also includes a Rc Car kit and a storage box. The 7 pcs hexagon screw driver set Rc tool kit for Rc quadcopter racing drone Car is a sterling set of tools for an individual that wants to work with screws in a fun and efficient way, the kit comes with screw, hex driver, and screws. Additionally, it includes a bushing, washer, and head, this set makes it basic to work with screws in the around the quadcopter racing drone Car area.