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Pdr Tool Kit

Looking for a substitute to reduce the damage from hail and other accidents? Car paintless puller tabs bridge lifter body repair hail removal tool kit is from mouth is fantastic for you! The kit includes one and puller, and an 18 tab tool, you can use car paintless repair dint hail damage remover puller lifter 18 tab tool kit is to pull wires and dents from clothing, car parts, or any other materials.

Paintless Dent Tool Kit

This kit includes: -paintless tool -hail damage remover - puller - and kit - for auto, slide, and hammering, it also includes a kit for pulling property damage free -removing paint from surfaces in a work area. The paintless repair puller remover kit lifter dint hail damage tool allows you to paintless repair on your vehicle, it gives a reach of about six inches and a weight of only one pound. The tool can remove all the dents from your vehicle without using a tool, it can achieve this up with a dint repair kit. The paintless repair puller lifter tools t bar hammer removal glue kit is designed to help you quickly and easily fix paint failures and other dents in your car, this kit includes an 85 pc paintless repair puller lifter tools t bar hammer removal glue kit and a washer and dryer for rapid prevention. This tool kit is designed to help you fix your own car, it includes 10 pcs car paintless repair tool, puller, lifter, and tabs.