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Car Lockout Tool Kit

The Car Lockout tool kit provides access to heavy-duty master buttons on compact cars, with access to all of the master button positions, you can easily get the tool fix you need to open your car.

Best Car Lockout Tool Kit

The Car Lockout tool kit provides access to both the parking and opening functions of the e-r-k Car locks, the tool kit includes both an 8-foot length zip-line Car Lockout tool and an 12-inch length metal crochet loop Car Lockout tool. Both tools are hand-held and require no sharpening or practice before able to handle more complex Car locks, this Car Lockout tool kit will allow you to lock out the parking brake on your car. It also for a variety of other tools used in the locks, such as screws, eccentric Lockout screws kit and a washer, the erk Car Lockout tool kit is sensational for people digging to get their Car unlocked and/or to prevent theft. The kit includes both an opener and frame, so you can be sure you're getting a quality product, this kit includes 13 pcs tool key lock out emergency tools. It is practical for when you need to unlock your Car door while it's open, the key lock out tools can be used to unlock the Car door from top to bottom, or from side to side. This kit also includes a key lock out pump and wedge pump, they are designed to help you free your Car from the bottom up.